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Things to Do in West Texas

Why would I ever want to stay in a B&B in Matador, Texas?

Matador Texas is a meeting place for family and friends who live in different places. It is the last frontier, where time has stopped, or at least slowed down a bit. The history in this part of the state is very interesting! Get away by coming to rest and recuperate, read, be pampered and eat great food! There is also opportunity to hunt!

There are many special events in Lubbock to go to or come from. Photograph everything you see. Come here to break up a long trip and visit bed and breakfasts everywhere you go! Have a mystery weekend! The people are exceptionally friendly! Visit the county seats of Texas. Conduct some business in the area! The list of things to do in Matador Texas are almost endless!

Roaring Springs Ranch Clubs

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A great place to camp and bring your family. Kids will love to wade in the river and use the playground! The privately owned RV and Golf Ranch, Roaring Springs Ranch Club is located approximately 3 miles from the city of Roaring Springs.

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Matador, Texas, Motley County seat: travel, history, landmarks, courthouse, jail, endangered buildings, vintage & contemporary photos. There are many historical sites to see, be sure to visit the tee pee marker, the motley county railroad and motley county historical jail. There are many historical landmarks to see. Be sure to look for all the escapes that Texas offers.

Bob's Oil Well

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Bob's Oil Well is a landmark and was the state's once-flourishing roadside business. This 1930's tourist stop and restaurant brings good memories of good hamburgers, social gatherings, and funny stories. Bob's has drawn travelers from near and far to see the exotic animals including cages rattlesnakes, monkeys, lions, coyotes and white buffalo.

Motley County Historical Museum

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The Motley County Historical Museum is located in the Old Traweek Hospital. Displays include the hospital history, veterans, ranching, Native Americans, county history, schools, saddle making and diorama of early day Matador.

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