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Breakfast at Hotel Matador

Delicious, delightful, and definitely memorable.

Breakfast at the Hotel Matador is a wonderful time of conversation with new and renewed friends; sitting at common tables, guests are served a plated multi-course breakfast in the table d'hôte style. Every breakfast is unique, delicious, and a little on the edge of regular breakfast fare.

Hotel Matador Breakfast

Preferred Breakfast Time

Hostesses will ask your preferred breakfast time, and you will be served on a beautifully appointed table very close to that time, remembering that all time in a bed and breakfast has an “ish” at the end of it.  No matter what time you arise, coffee will be ready in the dining room.

Hotel Matador Breakfast

Sweet Start & End

It is our belief that every day should start and end with dessert. Therefore the first course is sweet. Each meal will have a hot protein in addition to eggs as well as a potato or rice side. Bread will vary from a fluffy biscuit to toasted flat bread. We often serve tomatoes, either stuffed or broiled, mushrooms, or fresh asparagus if it is in season.

Hotel Matador Breakfast

Tex-Mex Day

You might arrive on a tex-mex day when we serve shredded pork on a tortilla topped with guacamole, creme, grated cheese with sides of southwest risotto and beans.  This would not be complete without a starter of sopapilla cheesecake or flan, chips, and handmade pico de gallo.

Hotel Matador Breakfast

Dietary Needs

We are also pleased to accommodate any special dietary requests or special needs.  Just let us know before the grocery closes the evening before.

The sisters have learned culinary arts from loving family matriarchs, television and lots of practice.

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